Training program on Women ICT Frontiers Initiative (WIFI)

Training program on Women ICT Frontiers Initiative (WIFI)

Bangladesh Computer Council (BCC), ICT Division, BIID and Bangladesh Women in IT (BWIT) have jointly organized training program on Women ICT Frontiers Initiative (WIFI) from July 2020.  The 20 hours long training is divided into 10 classes and it consist of 2 hours/per class.  The program was launched on 18 July, 2020. 

Women and ICT Frontiers Initiative (WIFI), a flagship program of UN APCICT aims to strengthen the capacity of women entrepreneurs in Asia and the Pacific through ICT skill building in managing business as well as facilitate enabling environment and business development services (BDS). The WIFI will enhance capabilities of women entrepreneurs so that they and their enterprises can become more productive, thereby enriching their families and improving welfare of family members and communities as well as to the national economy.

The training program provides understanding on gender perspectives, different stages of business, insights on business plan and its usage, making business plan canvas, access to finance, financial management, marketing, why business fails and using ICT in preparing plan and managing business.

ICT has become an essential part of business growth and management.  Women entrepreneurs are invited to join the training and be competitive in the market and be empowered. 

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