BWIT Mobile App contest 2015

In celebrating “Girls in ICT Day 2015”, an initiative of International Telecommunication Union ITU Member States. BWIT held Online “Mobile Application Development Contest” for Girl students only.
The Apps included social awareness element where ICT, was used in

  • Health
  • Security
  • Education
  • Career for Women and Girls.

Several groups participated in the contest and four of them were awarded at an event held on 23 April 2015 in celebration of Girls in ICT Day 2015 and all groups were presented with Certificate of appreciation for enthusiastic participation.
List of Apps:

  1. BuizBridge (Champion) – A woman being self-dependent not only helps in economy but also solves many social crisis and raises the standard of the nation.Team – KitKat (BUET)
    Jannatul Ferdous Tumpa – 4th year undergraduate
    Samia Shafique – 4th year undergraduate

  2. TechWomen(1st Runner-up) – an easy guideline for news related to IT SectorTeam – Polaris (BUET)
    Mitrasree Deb – 1st year undergraduate
    Nourin Haque – 1st year undergraduate

  3. SAFE SANITATION (2nd Runner-up) – to make awareness among mass people about sanitationTeam – Crazy Kids (UITS)
    Rubiya Rawshon – 1st year undergraduate
    Honufa Akter – 1st year undergraduate

  4. Text for me (2nd Runner-up) – to schedule a text message to be sent at a particular time.Team – code_like_girls (Khulna University)
    Rahatara Ferdousi – 2nd year undergraduate
    Tarannum Faria Raisa – 2nd year undergraduate

  5. Security for Girls -To give a safety life for women and girls as they can find a secure environment to join various activitiesTeam Name – PNP 148 (Khulna University)
    Farhana Tazmim Pinki – 2nd year undergraduate
  6. Ma o Nobojatok -to make them aware by providing right and timely information easily through the applicationTeam Name – Mighty Flowers (Dhaka University)
    Sadia Sharmin – 3rd year undergraduate
  7. Call For Help -to provide a platform where women can call helpline or a friend to ask for help in the time of emergency.Team Name – Epiphany (Dhaka University)
    Melody Soptaka Kunder – 1st year undergraduate
    Shahreen Salim Aunti – 1st year undergraduate
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